July 02, 2011

Food Review: Atrium Cafe!

One picture speaks a thousand words. A 12 hours of dining is available in Atrium Cafe, Sunway Hotel now, it's a buffet marathon guys but the more you eat the more energitic you'll be!

A variety of food was available during the media review day, featured some local delicacies like 'yong tau fu' and satay!

A hot and tiring day after playing in Sunway Lagoon? A bowl of self made ABC will freshen up your day!

One of the best Wantan Mee I've tried in cafes!

Must-have desserts after main course!

Rebecca was posing with the wantan! We (bloggers) had some competition organized by the cafe like see who can eat the most bowl of wantan in 5 mins!

See Isaac was so happy with his!

We also had sandwich making competition where we have to make and eat the most sandwich in 5 mins!

We were each provided a complimentary 5 mins massage! I can see Benjamin and Elwyn enjoyed the massage very much!

Then, we went to Extreme Park in Sunway Lagoon to have a round of go-kart!

The last competition of the day: Spicy popiah eating challenge! Benjamin ate the most popiah in 5 mins and won 1st place.

Dinner delicacies! Seafood lovers will find their heaven here!

Bloggers group pic!

From 1st of July 2011 onwards, Milkadeal has a new deal for Atrium Cafe's 12 hours dining for RM55 on Sunday and public holidays! Check it out!

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