July 20, 2011

The Uninspired, Funny, Weird... You Name It!

Car design is one of the most important aspect when choosing a car because it's the first impression to the buyers about the car. While some cars are designed like Megan Fox and Brad Pitt, some are just plain white paper, funny like a clown and Edward Scissorhands.

Here are some examples of today's cars with uninspired, boring, amusing, bizarre... you name it!

Really Honda? The "Lightning Bolt" beltline with drop down window line on the Honda Odyssey is to increase the visibility of the 3rd row passengers? The end result is worse than a Skoda Roomster and made the Odyssey look butt-heavy.

Did Audi shrunk the front end of A1 and the side profile of Q5, tweaked them a little, combined them and call it as Q3? Boring...

Perhaps this time Nissan tried too hard to make its Sunny ditch the usual hatchback-convert-sedan rear-end look? Proportion is way out in this case...

The Opel Combo (ran out of names for a car?) above looks like an illustration for the successor of 1st gen Perodua Myvi! Or Perodua is selling their 1st gen Myvi's headlight to Opel to reduce their old stock? On the bright side, the wacky styling of the Combo will put a smile on your face.

The more I look at the BMW 1-Series, the more it looks like the end result of a nose job gone wrong... We beg for a facelift immediately!

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