August 24, 2011

2012 Toyota Camry revealed !

After a series of teasers and spy shots, Toyota had finally revealed the 7th gen, 2012 Toyota Camry! Without further ado, I introduce you the "bold, sophisticated new design", not quite bold huh? While now the Camry looks like a Corolla (Altis) on steroid, it definitely looks better than the outgoing model, like vanilla but with added chocolate chips!

Red is a nice outfit for the 2012 Camry, add in some skirtings and it will be a racer boy's car! A Dual VVT-i, 2.5litre, four-cylinder engine produces 178bhp, an increase of 9bhp over the old model. We'll have to wait and see whether we'll be getting this engine or a 2.4litre engine here. Moreover, the top of the range 3.5V6 has 268bhp and 336Nm, which we might not get in Malaysia.

Get what I mean? Daytona 500 will use the 2012 Camry as their official race car O_O

If you are an environmentalist, no fear, there's a hybrid version for the Camry which is powered by a combined 2.4litre, 200bhp engine. Even with the hybrid, you can go from 0-100km/h in just 7.6seconds, this will put many petrol engined sedans of its size to shame!

SE (top) and hybrid's (bottom) cabin

Being a Camry, Toyota has to maintain and even improve what it does best - comfort. Along with a spacious interior, a lot of efforts were done to make the ride quieter including thicker damping and new cross member design to reduce vibration.

This is, well, the design for the US. Ours are most probably different compared to what we see here. Hope the JDM that we'll be getting will have a better looking front, but please remain the taillights (although it looks slightly like Subaru's) !

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