August 20, 2011

DIY: Bonnet Insulator !

Do you notice a big piece of black, cloth-like cover is attached on the underside of the bonnet of some cars? It's called bonnet insulator. Its function is mainly on reducing the engine noise heard from the outside and inside. I got a packet of bonnet insulator (in pieces) which is designed for Proton Persona and Gen.2 and I decided to DIY it on my car!

What you need is the insulators, knife, scissor and a little bit of imagination! I've spent few hours of my afternoon sticking the insulators because I have to cut out the exact size for the bonnet!



Before adding the insulator, the underside of the bonnet looks empty (my car doesn't come with the one piece insulator). However, the bonnet looks more solid and upmarket with the added insulator. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell the difference in terms of engine noise after adding the insulator. The engine noise is still audible with the same loudness from the outside and inside.

I would say don't waste your money buying these insulator in pieces as they doesn't make a difference after installing them. Maybe the one piece insulator will be more effective compared to the insulator in pieces that I installed on my car, and it should be easier to install too!

I want to photoshoot my car one day! :P

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