August 01, 2011

Kai Jern's Wedding @ Bankers Club !

This was one of the cutest wedding cake that I had ever seen!

I was in a penthouse, Bankers Club located just opposite of Times Square to attend my mom's old friend's son, Kai Jern's wedding.

For the first time I had a wedding dinner in a penthouse, and we were placed in a lounge with beautiful view of Jalan Imbi and KL night view before we move to the dining hall.

The bride and groom of the day, Rachel and Kai Jern!

This was where I took a family group picture together :) They have really nice deco in the club!

Get the awesome night view of KL that I was talking about? Of course the view will be better with a handsome guy ;)

It was 8pm and time to cut the cake! After cutting the cake, we moved on to the dining hall!

Everyone was greeted with a beautifully decorated table with a pair of bear toys for every attendee.

Lastly, a picture of me and my 'kai mah' (foster mother XD)

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