August 02, 2011

Malaysia's 2012 Honda Civic!

Finally the shots of the non-US (and Malaysia) 2012 Honda Civic has been released! It's a huge disappointment as our version doesn't have a different JDM design compared to the US version like what Honda had done for the Civic's past few generations. Only very minor tweaks were done to the front end of non-US Civic, as you can see and compare the non-US Civic (top) with the US Civic (bottom).

The outgoing Civic's taillights are not my cup of tea, but the replacement model's taillights are certainly not even my cup of drink! The extra 'taillights' on the boot lid is an unnecessary touch, like our Honda Accord. The overall design became more mature than the current youthful looking Civic.

Malaysia will be getting the same design of cabin like the above (except it might be without sat-nav at the centre and will be right hand drive, that is) if there's no changes from the US version Civic. Same two-tier instrument panel concept like the current Civic, but with driver-facing center part of the dashboard. However, it looks a little bit plasticky too. I somehow still prefer the current Civic's cabin design...

While the wheelbase for the all-new Honda Civic will be 30mm shorter (2670mm), but Honda promises its interior space is not affected, and even increased! Width, length and height of the car does not differ much compared to its predecessor. There's a bad news for the all-new Honda Civic though: Consumers Report rated it below the 'Recommended' rating.

What a beauty... The dream car of most young executives and young-at-heart consumers. Even after 6 years on the road, a 2005 Honda Civic will still be able to turn heads when it passes by. Too bad its replacement model won't be as stunning as the current design...

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