August 12, 2011

Toyota Teased 2012 Toyota Camry !!!

Toyota revealed a part of the front end of the upcoming 2012 Toyota Camry few weeks ago. It showed the Camry's headlight, which takes some cues from its younger sibling Toyota Corolla (Altis). The upper part of the front bumper is also revealed, and by using a little of imagination we will be able to see a sporty looking bumper.

Toyota then released a still image of the rear end showing off their 'Camry' badge, but only just a portion of it. Ala the Volvo S60's, the taillight looks comtemporary and does not looks bland like its outgoing model anymore!

The upcoming Toyota Camry is certainly a hugely anticipated model for many people. The teaser pictures above does show that it will become an interesting car to look at after being the 'plain jane' for so many years.


A French language Canadian car buyer’s guide has leaked some pictures of the all-new Toyota Camry! Including an interior shot! On the outside, the Camry looks like a Corolla on steroid!

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