September 10, 2011

Adieu Everyone...

Who would have thought a trip to Penang for work had became a farewell party for me to some! We were in Mois, one of Penang's well known nightclubs to get a glimpse of Penang's nightlife. In a blink of an eye, I've worked for a year now and soon will be my time to leave the company to continue my studies...

Booze! Lots of it! Apart from the average alcoholic drinks, I can't believe I actually had 2 shots of tequilas and a cup of flamming lamborghini! Too bad I was the one who drank those and was unable to take photos of them :(

Edmund bro, the one who belanja me the Flamming Lambo, thanks! Also, thanks to my boss who belanja me the 2 shots of tequilas! I was still pretty much sober after consuming all of the drinks, good alcohol tolerance I have *flicks hair*

My pretty female colleagues ^_^

2nd round of farewell after coming back from Penang! My colleagues definitely sayang me *hugs* Located in Aman Suria, Betty's Midwest Kitchen was packed to its brim when we got there!

We had dog food over there... WAIT! DOG FOOD? The food in the picture above was really called dog food LOL! It comprised of meaty french fries in a bowl with sticky cheese topping!

These look like thin slices of fried banana but they are not! Crispy bacon they are! Not as crispy as its name suggested though.

The main course: Goreng pisang! LOL! It's actually pork with layers of fat and meat, yum yum!

5 girls accompanied me, am I lucky or what? Thank you guys again for the awesome night!

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