September 10, 2011

ADV: Volkswagen Das Auto Pre-event!

I am grateful to be invited by Volkswagen and Nuffnang to the Volkswagen Das Auto KL 2011 pre-event! Located in Bukit Jalil, it showcased Volkswagen current product line-up and also what Volkswagen's upcoming plans are.

In case if you are wondering, 'Das Auto' means 'The Car' in English, which is also Volkswagen's current tagline.

There were 4 race car simulators for us to play with in a hall. We all had fun trying it out, including me!

Volkswagen merchandises!

Then, we moved into The Dome to witness the start of the event. I was very impressed with the 360 degrees screen that kind of like bring us into a virtual world! Kudos to Volkswagen that bring it all out to impress us!

Out of the blue, Volkswagen cars were circling around The Dome! Check this out with the Volkswagen Passat circling The Dome!

Volkswagen also introduced Polo Sedan, Passat and Jetta, where they will be launched as CKD models in Malaysia in the near future. Being a CKD model, the vehicle will be priced cheaper and the market will be more competitive!

Volkswagen Eos in action! Autobot, transform!!!

Volkswagen Amarok! Still not available in Malaysia yet!

Petra Schreiber, Marketing Director of Volkswagen Group Malaysia rode the electric scooter into The Dome!

Since it's still not available in Malaysia, we were one of the first batches to check the sexy 2012 Volkswagen 21st Century Beetle out! It's no more a car where people will call it 'girly'!

The interior was spacious and built with high quality materials, a usual scene for a Volkswagen's cabin.

You will be able to check out the current VW products in the 100m long, pillarless 'caterpillar dome'! Wish I can test drive them!

I can't stop staring at the glossiness of this Touareg! Must... take... photo! I was astounded with the Touareg, the door closed with virtually no sound, very good refinement indeed!

I wish I can drive home with this hot babe!

Finally camwhored with Tian Chad at the end of the event! A huge thank you to Tian Chad for taking some of my photos :)

You can check out these Volkswagen models on 10th and 11th of September, 2011 at Bukit Jalil. An eye opening event that will not disappoint you!

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