September 30, 2011

The Family of Volkswagen up!

Volkswagen up! is Volkswagen's smallest product in its lineup, even smaller than the Polo which is well received in Malaysia. Volkswagen strived to give the up! a nicely sized cabin for four adults to travel comfortably in a very small footprint, and they did it!

Before we take a look at the up! family, let's check out the new Skoda Citigo which built on the same platform as the up! With a length of 3.56metres, width of 1.65metres and height of 1.48metres, the exterior dimension is very close to up!'s. Spotted the Citigo with a different front end and alloy wheel design to differentiate itself with up!

Back to Volkswagen's creation. This is the Volkswagen e-up Concept! It is not ready for production until 2013, but its development is near to production. It will have an electric motor with peak power of 60kW and torque of 210Nm from 0rpm!

Volkswagen has also spawned a GT up! with a more powerful 100bhp engine. 100bhp is too little to be sporty? Imagine it beats you at the traffic light since it weighs lesser than 900kg!

The main focus of up! is its well designed cabin, whereby adequate space is provided to all of its occupants with a wheelbase measuring 2.42metres, while it can also be flexible when it comes to carrying loads. Cargo capacity is measured at 251liters, even our very own Myvi's cargo capacity is about 30litres smaller!

It will be interesting if Volkswagen plan to bring the up! into our market. Could we be looking at a sub RM90k mini Volkswagen?

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