September 08, 2011

iBilik On The Road

There you go! iPhone, iPad, iPod... now here comes iBilik! While this is not the latest product from Apple, iBilik is kind of like a website to search for job vacancies, but this is for room vacancy, as the name suggested. Now finding a room is as easy as finding used car via online, all thanks to iBilik and other similar websites.

It's impossible if you say you never heard of or saw iBilik. iBilik On The Road and it's everywhere! You can easily see its advertisment on the road, especially on taxis. Let me proof to you, here:

and here!

Head to iBilik now and your days of finding a rental room will be much easier! No more flipping through the newspaper looking at the small font and inadequate information regarding the room vacancy. While the main page of iBilik looks normal (a bit dull to me), the website provides easy to use interface and uncluttered.

There's actually an interesting thing to explore in iBilik website. A drop-down 'Preference' bar to search for rooms that only want to be rented to person who are male, female or couple. A pretty good and unique feature it is.

As someone who stays in Setapak, I made a search on it and voila! 3627 rooms for rent in Wangsa Maju area ALONE! This will definitely benefit students who are studying in the nearby college and university. Ok, back to the topic. After you choose what you think might suit you from the list of result of search, you will come across something like the screenshot above.

The only downside is most of the search result doesn't come with photo of the room. Some might have trouble imagining how the room looks like or how's the condition of the room. I bet the listing will be more noticable and attractive if it has a photo.

So, whatcha waiting for? Head on to iBilik now if you need a rental room, or go 'kehpoh' if you don't XD

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