September 06, 2011

Nissan Livina X-Gear - Suzuki SX4 competitor!

We usually get the see Nissan Grand Livina, which is a 7 seater MPV on the road, but soon Livina X-Gear will be joining the band! It's direct competitor in Malaysia's market is only Suzuki SX4 (Volkswagen CrossPolo is more expensive than both) but priced at almost RM8k more expensive than the Livina X-Gear.

The Livina X-Gear has the same 180mm ground clearance as the Grand Livina, meaning it's no SUV nor for offroad purpose. It is categorized as 'crossover'. It's for someone who likes the characteristic of a hatchback but wanted something more rugged and solid looking without the need of going offroad.

The 5-seater Livina X-Gear is based on the same platform as the Grand Livina, both having the same length of wheelbase (2600mm). It basically has everything a Grand Livina has, but without the extra rear overhang and 3rd row seats. Then, it gained SUV-inspired silver 'sump-guard', black body moulding and a roof rail that can withstand 25kg of load.

Ample luggage space, 383litres of it with the 2nd row up and 769litres with the 2nd row down. The figure is much bigger than Perodua Myvi and Suzuki SX4. Inside, those who are familiar with Grand Livina's cabin will feel right home immediately.

However, the Livina X-Gear come without rear air-con and the air-con strip (above) which found in Grand Livina that direct cool air to the 3rd row. I feel that Nissan should remain the 2nd row air-cond outlet to make the Livina X-Gear's cabin at cooler place to be in.

The Livina X-Gear is powered by a 1.6litres, 105bhp with 150Nm mated with a 4 speed automatic transmission. The 1.8litres powerplant found in Grand Livina is not available for the moment though, maybe it doesn't even need one because of its smaller dimension compared to the Grand Livina.

Priced at RM82,800 OTR including insurance, the Livina X-Gear gives SX4 a run for its money. Although it is priced near to Grand Livina 1.6 which is selling at RM88,600, it depends on the buyers whether their preferance is style over space or vice versa...

Pics source: Motortrader and Paultan

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