September 15, 2011

Perodua Myvi 1.5 SE & Extreme !!!

I was searching for Bukit Bandar Puchong's Perodua showroom and immediately the flying Myvi caught my eyes! All thanks to it, I found the showroom!

"Lagi Power, Lagi Best" is the tagline for the 1.5 Myvi SE and Extreme. The signature yellow paintjob looks striking and can be easily noted from miles away. Together with the bodyskirts, huge rear spoiler and black front 'scoop', it will save the owners of new Myvi 1.5 Extreme the hassle to install bodyskirts themselves!

One thing to complain though, the 14 inch doesn't fit the sporty-themed Myvi SE & Extreme. Perodua should've increase the size to at least 15 inch to satisfy racer boys' need for style.

Black doesn't show off the black front 'scoop' and grey alloy wheels well :(

Aggressive stance from the back!

Above is the Perodua Myvi 1.5 SE variant. As you can see, it's without Extreme's front black scoop, rear skirting, chrome door handles and smaller rear spoiler.

This mean machine is powered by a 3SZ-VE 1.5litre, 102bhp engine used in the Alza, mated to either a four speed auto or five speed manual, producing almost similar power figure of Vios' 1.5litre engine with 109bhp.

However, Myvi 1.5 is lighter compared to Vios, mind you! It is now capable of running from 0-100km/h in just 9.98 seconds! From what I know, the suspension was also retuned. The rebound and compression rates for the shock absorbers are a little higher now, and stiffer spring for the back to improve handling.

The new interior colour scheme for the 1.5 Myvi (top), which is all-black, gave the cabin a sporty feel and also the impression of better quality materials are used compared to the two-tone 1.3 Myvi's cabin (bottom). The leather-wrapped steering wheel gripped better and was more comfortable than the 1.3 Myvi's.

Audio control on the steering wheel, silver-painted centre cluster and sports semi-bucket seats are some of the features for the SE's interior. Extreme has all the mentioned features but with leather seats, multimedia system with navigation, tinted windows and exclusive carpet mats design specially for it.

At first glance, everything was well built and on par with the quality of its competitors. Looks like Perodua improved the fit and finishing of the 1.5 Myvi, where everything felt solid and a little bit 'continental'. Most important, where most of the Malaysian care, the doors shut with a 'thud'!

Pricing for Myvi SE starts from RM50,900 (manual) to RM56,500 (auto, multimedia) while Myvi Extreme starts from RM58,200 (manual) to RM61,700 (auto). It seems like the Lagi Best just got better!

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