October 29, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Don't underestimate the picture above. I know it doesn't look stand out to you but it means a lot to me, because it was the time I discover my happiest moment...

My dad and I were looking for a second hand car in the middle of the ocean huge used car dealer, and out of hundreds of cars, we chose 'Blacky'. I was on cloud nine because I am the first one to drive it for this year before my dad takes over. Imagine someone (me) who couldn't drive my dad's company car (due to company policies) and also a car enthusiast. It was excruciating for me not to have a car, but not anymore!

I like 'Blacky' very much! Thanks to 'Blacky', I am able to attend events which I previously couldn't go due to transport problem. So, the better condition or pampered 'Blacky' is, the happier I am ^_^

'Blacky' undergoing its 'restoration' in the workshop!

Waxing for the first time! *Bling bling*

"Oopss, sorry for letting you see me bathing..."

Frankly I'm also someone who likes photography and like to take pictures of all sort of cars, at anytime and anywhere! It's my way of recording where I've been and the fond memories of that place...

For instance, Malacca's A'Famosa where I had fun with 26 of my collegemates!

Exploring different techniques and effects of photography like the vintage mode above is also an enjoying process.

I currently have a 'decade' old digital camera which even my phone now takes better picture than it! Wish I can have a camera like the Olympus PEN Lite which promises same DSLR image quality so that I can take better shots of everything! It comes with 34 art filter variations too!

Enjoy photographing as much as I do!

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