November 19, 2011

2012 Honda CR-V - Bolder and Bigger!

I remember vividly when Honda unveils its third generation Honda CR-V, a huge SUV but with controversial styling. Not everyone was able to accept its design and criticized it, especially the 'shark mouth' front end. Now, the fourth generation of Honda CR-V is debuted with a more upmarket and less (but still has) controversial styling...

The front end design is toned down compared to the 3rd generation CR-V. The added ruggedness to the exterior design helps to gain more road presence. The bulkier rear end promotes more boot space, but I think the CR-V looks slightly butt-heavy from the side. Overall, I would still say the CR-V's design is a commendable job since Honda previous work on the all-new Civic doesn't work quite well.

I know Honda tried hard to give the rear end of the CR-V a style of its own, but it still has resemblance of Volvo XC60's.

Like every successor, the all-new Honda CR-V is more refined, safer, has better fuel economy and improved practicality compared to its predecessor. Not to mention improved performance and handling (lower centre of gravity and revised suspension). The improvement is why every generation of Honda CR-V is found in almost everyone's garage.

For this time around, Honda CR-V has a 2.4litre i-VTEC engine with 185bhp and 221Nm of torque. An all-new Real Time All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) with Intelligent Control System is fitted to improve handling and efficiency.

Honda is good in improving its product without overdoing it, in this case Honda has done it again with the 4th generation CR-V. Looking forward to its arrival in Malaysia!

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