November 23, 2011

2012 Toyota Avanza leaked!

The current Toyota Avanza found on our road has been around for many years. Despite that, it is still selling well and became some small families' trusty family mover or moms' favourite car to fetch their kids to school due to its compact MPV dimension.

The all-new Avanza's exterior dimension didn't change much compared to the outgoing Avanza. The former is wider by 30mm at 1660mm, longer by 20mm at 4140mm while the wheelbase and ovrall height remain unchanged.

The exterior styling has become sleeker and less boxy compared to the outgoing model. More curves were added to the front, side and rear of the all-new Avanza, making it less dull and more lively.

According to the spec sheet, the all-new Avanza uses Electronic Power Steering (EPS) which is found in many modern cars like our very own Perodua Myvi. It promotes lower maintanence, fuel consumption and easier manoeuvrability.

The cabin features tidier looking dashboard, resemblance to the Rush's I would say. The steering wheel design also has hint of Vios'. However, the overall design looks more upmarket than before.

The Avanza Veloz is offered 2 choice of engines. One is the 1.3litre engine and another one is the 1.5litre engine, similar to the choices offered in Malaysia now. The 1.3litre VVT-i engine is capable of producing 92bhp and the 1.5litre VVT-i engine can churn out 104bhp. I bet the larger engine will favor the family movers because the 1.3litre engine is said underpower when it is fitted in the outgoing Avanza.

Toyota Avanza was once the best selling MPV in Malaysia due to its affordable pricing and branding, and the new generation of Avanza will sure continue its predecessor's legacy, if everything is done right.

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