November 01, 2011

4th Generation Honda CR-V !

Behold! The all-new, fourth generation Honda CR-V was unveiled by Honda Japan in
their website. The overall design of the production version of CR-V doesn't differ much compared to the concept's design, which is a good thing!

As you can see, the concept version in orange looks identical to the production version of CR-V (but I wish the front skid plate remains!). If you thought the current CR-V looks bold, the all-new CR-V will make you think again! The front end looks much better than the 'shark mouth' of the outgoing model. Bold and sleek at the same time!

The quarter glass and taillights design has hints of the outgoing model. However, some might say that now the CR-V's taillights looks similar to Volvo XC60's taillights. I couldn't agree more, but it's not a bad thing too since Volvo XC60 is a sexy car!

The 4th generation Honda CR-V received an all-new cabin design which features a more upmarket dashboard design. The dashboard gear level is still there, along with the centre storage between the front passenger and the driver, perfect for the ladies to stash their handbags. There's a large screen at the centre console and a smaller display above it. I bet the cabin will look great in day time and night too!

More details will be unveiled soon, but we might have to wait until next year (probably end of it) after the launch of the 2012 Honda Civic for this CR-V to come, and the condition of flood in Thailand aren't helping......

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