November 13, 2011

COTY2U 2011 (Part 1) !!!

On a rainy Saturday morning, I headed to Matrade at Jalan Duta for the COTY2U 2011 event, one of the largest automotive event in the absence of Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS). Once we (drivers) reached Matrade's compound, we have to drive around the building first before entering to the car park so that we can get a glimpse of the cars which are available for test drive (test drive units are all located outside the building).

We, unfortunately, have to pay RM5 for the parking and another RM5 for the entrance fee (although it's for charity). I didn't expect that we have to pay for the parking since it was far from the Matrade building and open air! Thankfully I has an umbrella in my car since it was raining when I reached there! A guy was at the registration counter complaining that it is a daylight robbery to pay for the carpark and then at the entrance, and I couldn't agree more. Shouldn't they have some kind of subsidy or something, at least for the carpark?

Leaving from all the rants, let's take a look at the event! The view above welcomed me after I 'registered' myself at the registration counter. It was the Friendly looking model! Hyundai Veloster! (Sorry for the picture quality, I used my trusty Nokia N8 to snap pictures only)

The Veloster is a very attractive and sporty car. For your info, it is a 3-door coupe where a small rear door is placed on the right side of the car. Something like the Mini Clubman!

Finally get to have a glimpse at the recently launched Honda CR-Z! Too bad the door was not unlocked for the public to get a closer look at the interior.

China's GWM attempt in producing Electric Vehicle (EV).

Toyota booth was a bit bland... Only displaying Altis, Rush and Fortuner. Where is the recently facelifted Innova and Hilux?

Perodua booth looked amazing...

... Same to Volkswagen's booth!

The Skoda Superb is one superb car! Ample cabin space with superior fitting and material quality. Check out the innovative bootlid!

Two hot hatchbacks!!!

The Ford S-Max is a sporty MPV which appeals to young families. I don't care driving it eventhough I'm still single because the S-Max doesn't tell people that driving it means you have a family! Check out the cabin and you'll know why I say so. I love the design, especially the aircraft-inspired handbrake located just below the gear level!

I was glad that Jaguar and some other premium automakers didn't lock their display units.This gave me a chance to check out a Jaguar for the first time! It was the Jaguar XF and I'm impressed with the plush leather padding and flush dashboard. Do you know that the aircond vents will turn around and reveal the airways while the gear knob will rise when the engine is started?

The king is here! Meet the Jaguar XJ L, the long wheelbase version of Jaguar's flagship sedan. I think its overall length is even longer than pickup truck like Ford Ranger!

Peugeot RCZ, might look boring in picture but it looks amazing in real life, especially when on the roof. Note the chrome roof pillar and bubble glass roof (to increase rear occupants' headroom).

The shoes sold in COTY2U 2011 has discount if you are a Maybank card holder. They cost almost twice if you are not!

Part 2 coming up! It will be more on electric cars!

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