November 15, 2011

COTY2U 2011 (Part 2) !!!

Continued from Part 1

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Let's start our Part 2 with some electric vehicles (EV)! First off is the Mitsubishi MiEV, the first registered EV in Malaysia! Mitsubishi arrranged a test drive session for the public and of course, I won't miss that out! I will post my experience in driving the MiEV in my next blogspot, so stay tune!

Electric powered scooters, Vectrix were also there!

This is the award winning Proton Exora REEV!

Proton Saga EV (in vintage mode)! Proton was offering taxi ride for both Exora REEV and Saga EV but I didn't get to try.

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Proton Saga EV has a bright future if it's offered in Malaysia's market! No fuel needed (uses only electric) and good performance (based on the specification table).

While walking to Chevrolet's booth, saw the Mini's booth which is not quite ready yet XD

I think this is the first batch of the electric-powered Chevrolet Volt in Malaysia! An electrifying (sorry, can't stop myself from using this word) and unique exterior design. Check out the location of the gear level, isn't it cool?

Muscle car by Chevrolet!

Coincidently, Chevorlet is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and has brought few of its models which are only available in other countries.

Chevrolet Corvette, Avalanche, Suburban and Bmblebee Camaro!

Volvo S60 is one of my favourite cars and I'm delighted to say that I've test driven it in COTY2U 2011! Driving impression on the Volvo S60 will be coming soon!

Peugeot was displaying its latest offering in Malaysia, the 508 and other models in its lineup. I'm very impressed with the 508, a classy and elegant car, inside and out. Peugeot had never fail in building high quality cabin, no matter to the touch or to the sight. The black interior is accompanied with chromes in all the right places, stylish!

Check out this interesting idea where the boot release button is located in the center of the '0'! Press there and 'poofff', the bootlid is opened!

Peugeot even fitted microphone on both of the A-pillars so that every command and message by the occupants can be received clearly!

The COTY2U 2011 was a pretty interesting event. However, there were a lot of weak points which can be improved, especially the parking fee (felt cheated when they collected RM5 for entering the parking bay and at the entrance of the display hall) and the congested road around Matrade building. The bumper-to-bumper traffic failed to give test driver a chance to test the car well.

All in all, I hope it will be back next year so that the public can have a better insight on Car Of The Year (COTY) 2012.

+ Test driving was available, we were feel to check out the interior of some premium cars, availability of automotive talks.
- Parking fee, should bring in more cars which are unavailable in our market, congested road around Matrade.

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