November 24, 2011

Ford Ranger T6 is Coming To Malaysia Soon!

Ford Ranger was the 'king of the pickup truck' years ago, abundant amount of them can be found on the road and construction sites. This is because the Ranger is known for its toughness, durability and good carrying cargo ability. The upcoming all-new Ranger, codenamed T6 is coming to our shore in the early 2012.

The newly improved Ranger will have sportier styling without loosing its ruggedness, better aerodynamics, fuel economy, refinement and performance.

There are 2 engines available for the 2012 Ford Ranger. First is the 2198cc turbodiesel engine with commonrail injection which produces 125ps and 330Nm between 1750 – 2300rpm. Second is the 3198cc turbodiesel engine with commonrail injection with 147ps and 470Nm available from 1750 – 2500rpm. Most probably the 2198cc engine will be available to us when it debuts in our market.

Does the cabin look familiar to you? If you are an owner of a Casio G-shock watch, you'll find the dashboard has resemblance of the G-shock. The result is a rugged but also stylish dashboard, something its competitors are lacking of. The cabin space of the all-new Ranger is much improved compared to its predecessor, which I would say is at a premium.

The 2012 Ford Ranger is also awarded 5-star in EuroNCAP crash test. It's the first pickup truck awarded with the maximum stars! It is a great achievement and this shows that Ford is committed in making a tough but also safe pickup truck.

What can I say? The 'king of pickup truck' is back, stronger and more confident than ever!

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