November 10, 2011

Honda AC-X Plug-in Hybrid !

I'm not making up my next statement. The Honda AC-X plug-in hybrid is said to be able to produce fuel efficiency of 0.9L/100km! Impressive or what??!! The AC-X, or the Advanced Cruiser-X to be in full, is powered by a 1.6litre petrol engine with 127bhp combined with a 120kW electric motor. Such power figure and ultra-low fuel consumption make this concept car a very interesting one.

The overall shape of the AC-X has a bit of hint from Honda's hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity and Honda CR-Z (A-pillar), and a hump of an Audi A7. A pretty nice combination, but the rear design could be done better.

Honda has always been good in designing the cabin and I must say they did a better (than already good) job this time! The steering is inspired by the fighter jet's and would be nice to get to see this in production vehicles! One word - cool.

The AC-X is equipped with two driving mode - the "engine driving mode" for the spirited driving and "automatic driving mode" for a relaxed and fuel-saving journey. I would choose "engine driving mode" for most of the time since it's already a very fuel saving car!

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