November 10, 2011

Kia's new Ray !!!

Kia Ray is Kia's first attempt in the Kei-car segment and I got to say it looks promising. Although Ray has a smaller dimension compared to Kia's previously smallest production car, the A-segment Kia Picanto, the Ray will have a flexible interior layout with room for 4 adults comfortably.

Kia Ray opted the 1-box styling, resemblance of Daihatsu Materia. It's boxy, but we can't deny that the Ray is stylish in its own way. Kia Ray is a good example that boxy car doesn't have to look boring.

The young looking front end, daytime running lights with the floating Kia's signature grille at the centre give the Ray a bit of curves, and the huge wheel arches gives the car a bold stance. I love the way they blacken the top part of the D-pillar so that it looks less boring.

In case if you didn't notice, the rear passenger door on the right side uses a slide mechanism which promote easier ingress and egress. Kia promises a fuel efficient and spacious cabin for the Ray, and I can't think of a good reason for Kia not to bring it over to Malaysia!

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