November 11, 2011

Nissan Pixo 3 !

This is the Nissan Pixo, '3' to be exact since it's the 3rd generation. It is an attempt by Nissan to create a more realistic Electric Vehicle (EV) of the near future. The once a cute, tiny car has evolved into a sharp looking machine, but still as tiny (and innovative) as before!

The Pivo 1 (left) and Pivo 2 (right). Remember them? They vowed us previously when Nissan unveiled them to the world. Both of them can rotate their 'upper body' 360 degrees! Unfortunately, Pivo 3, apparently couldn't perform the same trick.

Obviously, the Pivo 3 looks more production ready than its two predecessors. It's a (coincedent with Pivo 3's name) three seater comes with an Automated Valet Parking (AVP) system where the Pivo 3 will aid parking by connecting to and responding to infrastructure. Driver of Pivo 3 won't have to look for a parking space, physically park the car or remember where the car is park (there goes our worry in multi-stories parking!).

Talking about parking, I don't think it will be a tough job to park the Pivo 3 even without AVP. With an overall length under 3m and narrow-tread wheels with IWM (in-wheel motors) enable an extremely small turning radius with zero turn gap! You can fit into even the narrowest alley in the town with those features!

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