November 19, 2011

P3-21A, Exora Bold and Saga FLX SE !!!

This post will be about a compilation of Proton's upcoming models and new variant for existing models. First of all, the car don in yellow will be the Persona replacement model, codenamed P3-21A. Its design is inspired by Proton Tuah Concept which was unveiled in KLIMS 2010.

The Persona replacement model is fitted with daytime running LED lights, something which is trending recently and is fitted as standard on many cars. The headlights joined the grille, giving the car a wide stance, but the grille design... Hmm... Hope it won't turn out to be something as hideous as Savvy's.

Proton Exora is going to debut a facelift model soon. There is rumour saying the Exora facelift will be called Exora Bold! It has revised grille and front bumper styling, along with changes to the alloy wheel, taillights and rear bumper as well. Hopefully the Exora Bold will be fitted with the long awaited 1.6litre turbocharged CamPRO engine!

Proton had introduced CVT gearbox to the 1.3litre Saga and now, it is shown in a leaked brochure that Proton is putting the CVT into the 1.6litre variant and call it the Saga FLX SE (what a long name)! The Saga FLX SE gains a few bodykits, leather seats, new 15-inch alloy rims and clear taillight lens. Clearly Proton is targeting the Saga FLX SE to the younger generation.

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