December 14, 2011

2012 Mercedes SL Leaked!

Mercedes SL, the timeless model from the German marque is getting a replacement model for its sixth generation. Unfortunately (fortunate for us!) the 2012 Mercedes SL has leaked into the Internet from some Mercedes-Benz's brochures.

Spotted a sharp looking front end but with roundish-trapezoidal headlights, resemblance Myvi's I would say. The effect is the headlights does not looks compatible with the overall front, but not offensive. The side, especially the side vent contributed a sporty look and created a front moving motion design. The rear has hint of Mercedes CLS, especially the taillights. It does look a bit retro, but dull.

The retro styling continues to the cabin, where it has retro-styled air-conditioning outlet like the SLK. Not much details has been released, but from the picture above we can see that it comes with AirScaft which blows warm air around the neck of the occupants.

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