December 15, 2011

FILM: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol!

Who will be able to accomplish a mission like finding a needle in the haystack? Who you'd call to do such impossible (but possible) mission? Ghostbuster! The correct answer will be Ethan Hunt! Tom Cruise once again takes the role of Ethan Hunt, a highly skilled and experienced IMF (Impossible Mission Force) field agent who saves the world, again and again!

Tom Cruise is no doubt still in a good condition despite the age of almost 50 (49 to be exact!). He's fitter than even some 20 years younger guys, and fights better too. In this fourth installment of Mission Impossible, the movie is called Ghost Protocol because IMF is blamed for the bombing attack in Kremlin. IMF is disavowed and Ethan Hunt and his team has to work beyond their usual limitation in the IMF.

Some amazing scenes were filmed in the movie. For instance, running around the beautiful Kremlin and crawling to the top of world's tallest skyscrapers Burj Khalifa FROM THE OUTSIDE!

Paula Patton as Jane Carter, a member of Ethan Hunt's team. Her acting and figthing skill was quite good I would say!

Other than Tom Cruise and Paula Patton, there was another 'lead character' in this movie! It is BMW i8! Everyone was mesmerized by the beauty of the i8 when it was travelling around the city of Mumbai at night while showing off its laser headlights and other lighting system. Some future technologies of the i8 were also displayed in the movie like fast acting, sensitive pedestrian sensor which can detect multiple pedestrians at once.

By the way, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol destroyed a lot of BMWs! They crashed a BMW X3, 6-Series and 1-Series (which dropped about 100m from a multi-level automated parking garage)!

What can I say, Tom Cruise has done it again! It is one heck of an adrenalin pumping movie!

Rating: 4 & 1/2 out of 5!

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