December 11, 2011

FOOD: UFO Dessert @ SS2 !

What is it? Is it a new toy in the market? Is it something from Area 51? All we know is, it was found in UFO Dessert, SS2! A group of bloggers were invited to UFO Dessert to have a food review for Milkadeal, which is having a UFO Dessert deal out soon! Taking a break from my blog's automotive stuff, let's check out what the shop installed for us!

Grabbed from Rebecca's blog! You wouldn't miss the shop as it has a HUGE signboard above it!

For those who are familiar with Snowflake and Chatime, you'll find something similar here. UFO Dessert sells ice bowl like Snowflake, milk tea like Chatime but also snacks!

The 'UFO' that we saw earlier is actually a device which transport you back in time vibrates to inform you that your food is ready.

Here you can choose 1 topping (RM4.50) or 3 toppings (RM6) for your ice. Recommended toppings are yoggurt popping balls (white balls in the photo above), which ooze out sourish juice when you pop it and ocha balls which are perfect for the health-conscious ones! The grass jelly ice I had doesn't taste as good as Snowflake's, but still acceptable.

UFO Dessert's Pearl Milk Tea, not bad at all! (RM4.50)

Other than ice and drinks, they also have snacks! Calamari Fries (above, RM6.50) is one to die for! It made a lot of bloggers craving for more on that day!

Fries with cheese, yummy! (RM5.50)

Sesame Glutinous with Peanut Topping, something like the glutinous ball that you make during winter solstice but with peanut filling.

Finally a photo of bloggers doing their job! We bloggers like to work first, enjoy later XD

UFO Dessert is a nice place to chill out in hot weather or even to have a gathering since it also has snacks!

No 86, Jalan SS2/60,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : +603 - 7875 8686

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