December 12, 2011

Hebe Promo Tour 2011 @ TARC !

Hebe was having her 'My Love' promo tour in Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) on 10th of December 2011, and I was there! My friend bought her CD and it came with a pair of tickets to her promo tour, so I tagged along with him.

People lined up as early as 5pm where the show will only start at 8.30pm. I was there at 6 something and look at the line! Well, the line doesn't look at my position and it went all the way to the back, far far away...

Those lucky ones with VIP tickets can seat at the front while us with the normal tickets have to stand at the back.

After some waiting, Hebe came out, sang 3 songs (My Love, 花花世界, 还是要幸福) and played game with some of her fans. And yes, boys and even girls were mesmerized by her beauty...

Sorry for the low quality picture as I don't have a DSLR. This was the best that I can take with my trusty Nokia N8 from far away!

Check out Hebe singing 还是要幸福:

Unfortunately, it was a poorly managed event where audience with normal ticket at the back was not asked to sit down. Those who are tall and standing at the front blocked the view of many shorter ones. Other than that, the sound quality was very bad for the back audience. We can barely here what Hebe and Phoebe were talking about that night.

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