January 17, 2012

INFO: Disc Brake

Almost every modern cars are equipped with 4 disc brake, but some car manufacturers will still opt for drum brake for the two rear wheels to lower down the cost as drum brake is cheaper compared to disc brake. Although a disc brake cost more than a drum brake, the former is more effective while braking. Sometimes safety does come with a price.

Let me share a brief explanation on how the braking system works. Disc brake, which usually made out of cast iron, is clamped by brake pads and the pads will be forced hydraulically onto the disc brake when force is applied on the brake pedal. This action will causes friction between the brake pads and disc brake, slowing down or bringing the car to a halt.

Can you spot the new ones and old one?

Some common problem on brake are brake squeal and vibration. I'm sure you guys had experienced or at least heard the pain-in-the-ear squealing sound when a car applies its brake. It is often caused by brake pads wearing off, signalling its time to change new brake pads! Sometimes vibration which is sent into the cabin while braking is caused by crooked or deformed disc brake. If your front disc brakes are crooked, it will send minor to severe vibration to the steering wheel, depending on braking speed.

So, are your brakes in tip-top condition? Visit your trusted or nearest mechanics if it's not because safety comes first!!

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