January 30, 2012

Is This The Rear-End of P3-21A ?

Behold, the rear end of the upcoming Proton P3-21A is exposed, is it? The picture above was posted in Funtasticko and many believe that it's the rear end of P3-21A. There is still no source confirming whether it belongs to the P3-21A or not, but based on the quarter side view and rear window design, I would say it is.

The taillights are resemblance of Volvo S60 and Jaguar XF's. But still, based on the photo above, the lines doesn't flow as smooth as the S60 and the design doesn't look as elegant as the XF. It looks a bit boxy to me, hopefully seeing the car in its full glory would change my opinion.

Someone did this illustration of how the P3-21A looks like. It should be pretty close to the actual product which will be launched in March this year, if no delay on the launch date occurs. Initial information about the P3-21A is promising. It’s going to be the first Proton to be equipped with 6 airbags and Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

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