February 20, 2012

ADV: Join The Malaysia Ranger Challenge !

With the launch of the all-new Ford Ranger being just few months away, Ford Malaysia organized a contest where members of the public can submit ideas on how to test the Ranger to its limit. Examples like taking the Ranger to construction sites where the Ranger can be tested in terms of offroad and loading capability, or as simple as spending 24 hours in the Ranger without getting out of the car to prove that it is as comfortable as your home!

First, you have to register yourself in the website. Then, you'll see the page above where you can fill in the title of your challenge and what your challenge will be. For my case, I made a family oriented challenge, below is my entry:

“More family man are opting pick-up truck as a family car. So for my family-oriented challenges, I will put a family of 4 or 5 into the Ford Ranger to judge its comfort and refinement on tar roads or even offroad! Having few kids in the car can also test the durability of the cabin as well!

Other than that, a recreation vehicle (RV) can be used to test the towing ability of the Ford Ranger to the family's vacation spot. And it ain't the lightweight one! All these challenges are to push the Ranger to its limit!"

After submitting your entry, you will have to wait for your entry to be approved. Meanwhile, you can check out (and vote) the entries by other users as well!

Hurry up and submit your entry here! A new Ranger will be loaned to each of the 5 finalists and will make their challenge come true by the Ford crews! The winner (with the best challenge) will walk away with a brand new Ford Ranger! How cool is that!

While you are waiting for the result of the contest, drop by at few of the locations below to check out 'The Ford Story Roadshow 2012':

22-26 Feb 2012 - Sunway Pyramid, Subang
29 Feb - 4 Mar 2012 - Queensbay Mall, Penang
21 - 25 Mar 2012 - The Curve, Damansara

Also, follow Ford's Twitter and like its Facebook page for more great things to come!

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