February 11, 2012

Initial Details of Proton P3-21A Revealed !

Good news! Our Ex-Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir had released some initial details on Proton's upcoming new car, which is the P3-21A. Check out what he listed in his blog:

  • Proton’s new 1.6 liter turbo engine will be used, which allows the P3-21A to produce the power of a 2.0 liter engine with a smaller displacement.
  • Hot press steel (which is stronger) as opposed to cold press steel
  • Vehicle Seek Lamp (not sure what this is, follow-me-home lamp?)
  • Wiper Auto Speed
  • Automatic folding wing mirror
  • Push-button Start/Stop function (I guess the low/mid-spec doesn't have this)
  • Automatic Wiper Sensors
  • Automatic Headlamp Sensors
  • GPS navigation system (I suppose it's the built-in type)
  • Impact sensing door lock
  • Central Locking
  • Alarm with Immobiliser
  • CVT gearbox with 7 virtual speed manual mode (something like Toyota Altis?)
  • Tiptronic selection on shift lever
  • Steering-mounted paddle shifters
  • ABS with Brake Assist (I suppose the low-end has this, right?)
*Those in brackets and italic are my own words

The specs revealed belongs to the high-line variant of P3-21A. Too bad Tun Dr. Mahathir didn't mention anything about Electronic Stability Control (ESC) nor airbags. Keeping some of the best stuff to keep us remain excited ya? I do hope that the high-line P3-21A is going to get ESC and 6 airbags so that it will have better value-for-money than Kia Forte 2.0.

A picture of the cabin leaked recently, showing what I believe is the low/mid-line cabin of the P3-21A (because there is no built-in GPS). Quite decent looking dashboard with minimalist design, also with nice looking silver trim around the cabin. Hope the quality will be top notch! The P3-21A is launching in 3 months time, but some said that it will be launched on 16 March 2012!

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