February 05, 2012

Lion Dance @ Naza World, PJ !!!

I once worked in a warehouse where it belongs to a renowned child product manufacturer. It's linked together by a few super-size shoplots. However, walking and storing items were made tough due to the dark and filled with pillars and walls environment. Naza World uses similar concept, but it's a long hall instead of combining few lots. It is made possible for people to have a walkthrough easily, where the place is airy, with minimum pillars and lots of sunlight coming into the hall. Taking a glance on some of the most expensive and upmarket cars on the planet will be an enjoyable experience.

Helen, Isaac and yours truly!

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, Naza World invited the public to visit Naza World Automall PJ for lion dance! The lion dance troop was the champion in 2010 and 2011 World Lion Dance Competiton, so it's definitely not some ordinary lion dance we are taking about here! So me, Isaac and his wife, Janice paid Naza World a visit!

The lion dance did noy fail the public's expection. Great rounds of applause were heard throughout the performance. I recorded a part of the performance too!

After the lion dance performance, the public was invited for a quick refreshment, well of course I can't resist to take a glimpse of the car available in Naza World! I found some rare cars such as:

Fiat 500! Didn't know it's in Malaysia already!

Euro Honda Civic Hatchback!

Other than that, luxury cars are also available, for instance:

Jaguar XJ L, to chauffer the top companies' CEO!

Mercedes SLR, first time seeing this legend!

Clockwise: Jaguar XK, BMW Z4, Toyota Alphard (there were many Vellfire too), Toyota Estima. By the way, Naza World was having a promotion for Toyota Estima and Wish on that day!

Clockwise: Nissan GT-R, Porsche, BMW X6, Porsche again!

To our surprise, Isaac and I were interviewed by a reporter from Bernama! *First time appearing in TV news!!!*

Hope Naza will have more events like this because it will bring more exposure to the public!

Naza World Automall, PJ
3, Jalan 51a/221,
46100 Petaling Jaya.

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