February 02, 2012

Perodua Alza SR - Better Value !

What you are seeing above is the newly launched variant of Perodua Alza - the SR. I bet you'll have a tough time spotting the difference of it and a standard Alza. For the SR (means Smart Ride, in this case), it has no fog lights, door visor, rear wiper, chrome and body-coloured B-pillar on the outside, and worth praising Perodua is that the alloy wheel remained for this base line model. This proves that style does not have to be sacrificed in order to get lower price. A wheel cover will really mess up the whole design of a car.

In the inside, dark-coloured dashboard was found instead of two-tone in the standard Alza. Seperated seats are also used instead of bench-type seat for the front row. No steering mounted buttons and lastly, centre mounted handbrake instead of foot-operated parking brake for the automatic variant. No airbags and ABS for the SR, just like the standard Alza.

It offers the same level of versatility of the stardard variant of Alza, but at a cheaper price. Priced at RM53,013.50 for the manual variant and RM56,513.50 for the automatic variant, the SR is about RM2,000 cheaper than the standard variant Alza.

I'm sure many can make do with the absence of some comfort creatures and trims, right? The Alza SR does not sacrifice safety and performance (still uses the same 1.5litre DVVT engine) compared to the standard Alza. So now it makes the Alza SR better value for money than a standard Alza right now! So either get an Alza SR or get the premium variant of Alza, because the Alza SR makes the standard Alza seems 'negligible'.

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