March 21, 2012

ADV: Chevrolet Colorado - Must-Have-Truck !

There's a new player in town, seducing, likes it rough and hard but plays it safe at the same time! It's none other than the 2012 Chevrolet Colorado! For the first time, this pickup truck set its foot on Malaysia and is ready to compete in one of the toughest category in automobile market!

Yes, the Colorado is a pickup truck, but pickup truck has evolved from being boxy to being sexy! The same applies to the Colorado as pickup trucks no longer has squarish styling that will turn people off, instead people are attracted with some curves offers such as the curvy headlights.

Two Duramax diesel mills should be available here. The 2.8 litre with VGT offers 180bhp and 470Nm of torque and the 2.5litre produces 150hp and 350Nm of torque. The power figures make the Colorado a beast I would say!

Family guy will appreciate the spaciousness of the Colorado's cabin as it has ample space for the passengers at the back to move around. Malaysia's version of Colorado might have some high tech gadgets such as Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) to 'tame' the beast, and auto climate control which is usually found in high-end cars, making sure the sexy Colorado doesn't bring your body temperature up!

Check out how the new player in town impresses the girls:

With such power, comfort and stylish design, the Chevrolet Colorado is not a pickup truck to be missed! Pricing for Colorado 2.5l LT (manual) is RM88.888, 2.8l LT (manual) is RM93,888, and 2.8l LTZ (auto) is RM103,888. Follow @Chevrolet_MY on Twitter for more updates!

*This is a promotional post for the 2012 Chevrolet Colorado

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