March 15, 2012

Proton P3-21A spec leaked !

Behold, it's the leaked specification sheet of the upcoming Proton P3-21A! After a quick view on the spec sheet, here's some of my verdicts:

  • Promising fuel consumption for both engines
  • Meaty 1.6litre CFE engine with turbocharger is a welcome
  • 2650mm long wheelbase, so the cabin space should be more generous than a Toyota Corolla Altis, which has 50mm lesser.
  • Multilink rear suspension for better handling
  • 506 litres of boot space, same with Nissan Teana's!
  • ESC and side airbags for 1.6 Premium variant
  • Water repellent seats, GPS, steering wheel with audio switches and 4G for both variants

  • P3-21A has heavier kerb weight compared to Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6, with lesser power and torque compared to the latter.
  • ISOFIX is not standard for Executive variant
  • No leather seats for Premium variant
  • No curtain airbags available for both variants, I believe curtain airbag will provide better protection as it protects the head.

I'm a bit disappointed actually where Proton doesn't offers curtain airbag in the P3-21A, at least as an option. However, Proton has been keeping up with the market by providing many new features which are not yet seen in other Proton models such as ESC, push-start button and so on. Best of all, Proton is offering the P3-21A in the price range of RM62k to RM75k, which is pretty competitive to me!

Check out the combined teaser videos of the Proton P3-21A:

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On the other side of the news... I'm not sure why but a Lexus is 'rebadged' with a Proton badge in their website...

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