March 18, 2012

Proton Power of 1 @ Bukit Jalil !

I'm sure many people attended the Proton's Power of 1 event last weekend were to have a sneak peak on the Proton P3-21A! To be frank, me too! I'm glad to have a half frontal shot of the P3-21A don in white, hiding in a huge box for us to play peek-a-boo with it!

A shot of the taillight. LEDs...

This is where the P3-21A was hiding in!

Then, there was an area where Proton will show the build-up process of the P3-21A. We get to see its Reinforced Safety Structure (RESS) and 4 airbags.

Instrument panel of the P3-21A! Comes with a multi-info display.

Headlamp of the P3-21A.

By the way, someone leaked the key fob of the P3-21A. Swiss knife style!

An engineer explaining how the CFE engine works to a woman.

Wacky cars done by Proton's staffs!

Proton Inspira with YES 4G!

Lotus City Car, sexy!

The event was very educational as well. It let the members of the public to have a hands-on experience on clay modelling.

ESC by Bosch.

Hmm... I somehow feel that Proton Waja's older design is better...

Proton Artiga!

Hot babes and car ^_^

Lotus Elise and a Proton Satria Neo R3 doing laps and drifts on the track!

Overall it was an informative and educational event as well as a good platform to promote Proton P3-21A to the public. However, I was a little disappointed when they charged RM2 for the parking fee, albeit the admission fee is free.

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