March 28, 2012

Proton Prevé - P3-21A's name ?

Proton Prevé! What do you think about the name for Proton P3-21A? Although the name is not official yet, the name 'Prevé' sounds contemporary and suitable to be used in other countries as well. If you checked your dictionary, Prevé is actually an English word which means 'to prove'. Is it the Prevé a product that will be used to prove to the world on how good Proton is?

P.S. Anyone have any idea how to pronounce 'Prevé'?

Pic source

Grabbed the comparison list below from Facebook with a glimpse at the dashboard of Prevé! 
As you can see, the high-line price listed for the Prevé/P3-21A is RM78,500 is more expensive when compared to the originaly indicated price of RM75,000. We'll still have to wait for the official pricing, but even at RM78,500 the Prevé still triumphs its smaller and more expensive competitors such as the Vios and City in terms of value for money. I can't wait for the Prevé to be launched (which is pretty soon)!

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