March 11, 2012

SAFETY: Volvo V40 !

It's amazing to see the effort put in by Volvo in saving lives. Now, Volvo take it into another level by also paying attention at pedestrian safety. The latest offering from Volvo - the V40 comes with many innovation to reduce the injury of the pedestrian if the V40 crashes into them.

Let's check out some of the safety features the V40 has:

Pedestrian Airbag Technology

When the sensors in the front bumper detects physical contact with the pedestrian, the rear-end of the bonnet will pop-up and airbag will be deployed from there. The inflated airbag will cover one-third of the windscreen and will help to reduce head injury of the pedestrian.

Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake
The system pays attention at the side of the road and if a pedestrian suddenly leap out and in front of the V40, the system will apply full braking power if the driver doesn't react to the initial audible and flashing light in the head-up display.

Road Sign Information

A forward looking camera will detect road signs such as the speed limit signage. Let's say if the driver is driving at 100km/h at a 90km/h zone, the system will warn the driver in the instrument panel. The problem is some roads in Malaysia has speed limit signage of 40-60km/h but actually it's safe to be travelled at a higher speed! Hope this system can be turn off or else, Malaysian's driver will be annoyed!

Cross Trafic Alert

This system uses the sensors at the back to sense the traffic from both side up to 30 meters. An audible and visual warning will be issued when it detects incoming cars. This is very useful when you have to reverse out of your parking lot while a tall MPV or SUV is parked beside you, blocking your view.

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