April 05, 2012

It's Official! Proton Preve is the name for P3-21A !

After weeks of speculation, Proton has officially announced that 'Preve' is the official name for the P3-21A, and it is pronounced as 'prae-vae' (I'm still not 100% sure to pronounce it!). Like what I've mentioned in my previous post, the name 'Preve' is derived from an English word and means 'to prove'.

Good news, the Preve is expected to be hitting the road on 16th April! Better news, the price range for the Preve will be in between RM62k - RM75k (instead of RM78.5k as some estimated) depending on variants! Hope the Preve will change the perception of people towards Proton.

Some teaser pics:

* Update: Proton Preve 's price starts from RM59,540 for the Executive (means low/mid-line) with manual transmission! Meanwhile, the most expensive Premium variant will be selling at RM72,990! Kudos to Proton for the cheaper price compared to the indicated price released earlier. Enlarge the pic below where someone manage to printscreen the leaked Preve's website (which is now closed to the public):

Executive's spec

Premium's spec

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