April 15, 2012

Nissan NV200 - New York's Taxi of Tomorrow !

The Nissan NV200 is set to replace the obsolete looking Ford Crown Victoria as New York City's taxi! I'm sure you'll see the Crown Victoria dominated New York's street if you been there, and NV200 will change the landscape soon. By the way, Nissan NV200 is also available in Malaysia now as the Nissan Vanette's replacement model.

Don in yellow, the NV200 has the usual taxi outlook, but it looks a bit like cargo van without alloy wheels. However, the NV200 is said to be the most comfortable and safest taxi the City has ever had, as it comes with curtain airbags for front and rear occupants.

Nissan has done a great job in designing the cabin of the NV200. You'll never know that the NV200 is a MPV if you didn't get to see its exterior. The cabin is quite car-like but with dashboard mounted gear lever to free up the space at the front.

Ingress and egress made easy thanks to the sliding door, entry step and grab handles. The high carbin height plus panoramic roof will give the occupants a good view at the New York City. The rear air-con can be manually controlled while the leather seats are perforated and antimicrobial, good news to people who care about hygiene!

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3 Gossips:

Tekkaus said...

I don't mind if our taxis will be replaced by nissan. :p

Merryn said...

So ugly the wheels..

SiMon Har said...

Tekkaus: haha, especially those old Sentra which are used to climb Genting!
Merryn: maybe bcos it's a taxi, to save some cost XD

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