April 19, 2012

Volkswagen Polo Sedan - Cheapest VW To Date in Malaysia !

Volkswagen has put in a lot of effort to gain a spot in Malaysia's automotive industry. Starting with the Das Auto Show KL 2011 to now, the cheapest Volkswagen available in Malaysia to date - Polo Sedan. Selling at a starting price of RM99,888 without insurance, it is cheaper than its hatchback sibling, the Polo Hatchback by almost RM10k. The Polo Sedan comes with 5-year warranty and is built and imported from India to Malaysia.

The Polo Sedan might seems like a Polo Hatchback with a boot strapped on, but it turns out that Polo Sedan has an extended wheelbase of 82mm from the Polo Hatchback to 2552mm. So you can expect a larger cabin space compared to the Polo Hatchback. As a comparison, Toyota Vios and Honda City has an almost similar 2550mm wheelbase. Besides that, the Polo Sedan looks good and doesn't have the usual awkward rear end eventhough it is based on its hatchback sibling.

The Polo Sedan comes with interior chrome package, which lighten up the rather gloomy cabin. Leather can be found on the steering wheel, gear lever and handbrake lever. All these  gives the Polo Sedan a more premium feel.
Pic from Paultan

As the Polo Sedan is the cheapest Volkswagen to date, Volkswagen's renowned TSI engine and DSG gearbox are not available for the Polo Sedan. Instead, a naturally aspirated 1.6litre MPI engine with 105PS and 153Nm of torque at a relatively low 3800rpm is given to the Polo Sedan. Although it's the cheapest, Volkswagen doesn't sacrifice safety by giving the Polo Sedan ABS, EBD, dual front and side airbags.

The Polo Sedan is still one of the most expensive B-segment sedans around, but in return you get better safety features, performance and a more premium brand. So, is it a better buy compared to other B-segment sedans?

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