May 10, 2012

2617km on a single tank in a Passat TDI

Yes you've read the title properly! It's a whooping 2617km journey on a single diesel tank in a Volkswagen Passat TDI! Driven by John and Helen Taylor, they've set a new record for travelling the farthest distance on a single tank of fuel.  I would say the couple did it again, because they broke their own previous record which is set in a Passat 1.6 BlueMotion with a distance of 2457km.

The Taylor couple used a stock 2012 Passat 2.0 TDI SE mated with a 6-speed manual transmission to achieve this remarkable feat. They've spent 3 days on the road without the need of stopping for fuel, and they achieved an average of 135mpg or 2.8L/100km of fuel consumption.

By travelling in 'real world driving condition' with 2 person (driver and front passenger, where both took turn driving the Passat TDI) and weight 54.4kg of luggage,the Taylor couple shows us that it is not impossible for us to accomplish such fuel consumption rating!So buckle up your seatbelt and get... lightfooted!

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