May 02, 2012

Mitsubishi Mirage - Should it come to Malaysia?

 The Mitsubishi Mirage has been spotted with minimal disguise in Malaysia recently and there are hints that it will be available in Malaysia soon. But do you think it is wise for Mitsubishi to bring this little car into our market? Yes, it might be a reliable (since it's a Mitsubishi) and efficient city car, but there are few things which might make the Mirage unfavourable in Malaysia.

 First up would be Mirage's design. Other than the cute, compact exterior dimension, the styling looks like it came from the 90's design rule book. The Mirage looks dated even before it is launched here. I doesn't find the Mirage appealing to me, infact Proton Savvy looks much modern and youthful!

Other than that, Malaysia's buyers doesn't really appeal to small cars by non-national car manufacturers (except Hyundai i10). Take a look at Suzuki Alto, where the Mirage has a lot of similarities with the former. The Alto is small sized (cramp cabin), comes with basic equipment (most likely will be the same for the Mirage) and is selling at a neck-cutting price for what it is offering. People would consider our very own Perodua Myvi because it has better value-for-money, unless the Mirage is selling here under RM40k, which should be impossible thanks to national policies.

Mistsubishi Mirage should be fitted with a 1.2litre, three-cylinder MIVEC engine which produces 78PS at 6,000rpm and 100Nm at 4,000rpm. One of the main selling point of the Mirage is its fuel efficiency. It promises 22km/l of fuel consumption, which is pretty impressive for a petrol engined car. But other than that, we'll just have to wait and see how Mitsubishi Mirage is packaged in Malaysia to make it more appealing to the market.

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Anonymous said...

Suzuki Alto is import car... that's why it's expensive than MYVI.. but the quality is far more better than our local made car, compare to Viva with Alto due to it's similar small size...

Anonymous said...

anyway... i've take a look at this car - Mirage in thailand road show.. this car is better than Alto... =P

SiMon Har said...

ya, the Alto should be compared with Viva in terms of size, but unfortunately price wise it should fall in the price range of a Myvi.

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