May 18, 2012

Pedestrian Protection

Almost four hundred thousand pedestrian around the world were killed each year in road traffic accident. Most of the cases involved speeding and carelessness of the driver and also the pedestrian while crossing the street. Pedestrian will suffer injury when they are hitted by the hard exterior of a car. Some have paralysis after their legs are badly injured by the bumper, while some died of head injury since our head is one of the most vulnerable parts of our body. 

Car manufacturers pay a lot of attention to pedestrian protection these days. This is due to their intention to reduce the fatality of the people inside the car as well as outside the car in an event of a crash. Volvo came up with the Pedestrian Protection with Full Auto Brake system. The system first warn the driver of a pedestrian appearing in front of the car's pathway. If the driver couldn't react in time, the system can help avoid a collision with the pedestrian if the speed of the car is travelling is below 35km/h. 

Pedestrian protection technology actually started off with giving the ‘shell’ of the car’s front end softer materials to absorb some of the impact force from pedestrian. However, they soon find out it’s not enough and came out with pop-up bonnet and windscreen airbag to further absorb the force exerted by the pedestrian. 

With the advancement of technology, car manufacturers are designing and creating more safety features to reduce the injury of a pedestrian when he hit the car's exterior. Such creation include more airbags at the front end of the car and we might even see a car automatically steer away from the pedestrian in the future!

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