May 25, 2012

Peugeot 301 - Global Compact Sedan

 While the Peugeot 408 was just launched recently in our market, Peugeot has unveiled the 301, a new global compact sedan which is due to be shown at the Paris Motor Show in September. The 301 ends its name with the number '1' because it's a 'value for money' model.

 Of course, being a new global car, the 301 has been designed to cope with various climate and driving conditions in many countries. Safe handling and comfort were also ensured as a result of the Marque's expertise in chassis. Although the 301 is designed to be an affordable car, exterior wise the 301 looks luxurious and I would say more exciting than the 408.

 Measuring 4440mm long and a 2650mm wheelbasse, the 301 promises a roomy cabin and also a huge 506litres boot. Peugeot has been doing a great job in the packaging area recently (such as for the 408), where its models has cabin and boot space which is on par with the larger segment cars.

 There are few choices of powertrain available and comes in petrol and diesel form. A 1.2litre VTi with 71bhp, a 1.6litre HDi (diesel) with 92bhp and a 1.6litre VTi with 115 bhp. I doubt the diesel variant will be available in Malaysia if the 301 is going to be sold here.

 ABS, EBA, ESP and up to four airbags are available for the 301. Will we be getting the same amount of equipment? I guess we can only find out if it will be launched here!

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