May 15, 2012

Relive Your Moments With Sam Hui

 I grew up literally listening to Sam Hui's song! All thanks to my parents who love to listen to his songs whenever they are resting in home or when we were in our balik kampung trip. Eventhough I'm still young, at 21 years old this year, I find Sam Hui's songs touching and fun to listen as well!

Great news for my parents and also for Sam Hui's fans out there! Sam Hui is coming to Genting for a concert on 26 May 2012!

I really want to win some tickets from Genting so that I can give them to my parents as Father and Mother's Day present! To prove I'm worthy of it, let me embarrass myself portray one of Sam Hui's song title:

 Alright, now I've embarrassed myself. But can you guess the song title?


Well, the answer is '天才与白痴' or means 'smart and dumb' in English XD. Check out Genting's website for more details about Sam Hui's concert!

Ticket price for Sam Hui's concert

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4 Gossips:

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

Same here, my parents love to play his songs!! I love his songs!!

Merryn said...

>_< Ur second pic will haunt me for life! :P

SiMon Har said...

Caroline: haha! even youngster like us like his songs!

Merryn: got so serious bo? LOL

carports prices said...

Wonderful post! Nice share.

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