May 31, 2012

Someone plagiarised my articles...

 While Paradigm Mall is one of the hottest talks in town, I'll be talking about plagiarism! Some of you might have an impression that my blog, which is mainly about automotive stuff, is just a work of copy and paste. Yes, I admit it's a work of copy and paste, but only the specification part where I refer from the spec sheet and put it into my blog posts. Other than that, each and every single word in my blog is originated from my mind and typed by my fingers.

 Writing automotive articles are not an easy job, it requires passion and perseverance to get the job done. Imagine writing about an average of 3 articles per week, and this continues for years, and the topics are 95% about cars. I'm sure the word 'boring' will appear in many's mind by imagining the situation. Therefore, I appreciate every article that I've written because I've poured plenty of hard work (and also my heart) into them.

I'm sure some of you can understand how furious I am when I discovered a blog that copy and paste not just one, but plenty of my articles! Worse, no credit or mention is given in the blog post too! For example, one of my blog post on the launch of Honda Insight in Malaysia:

Worst of all, he even copied some articles which I wrote based on my real-life encounter/experience. You are not Simon Har, mind you:
 My blog:

Below is the only blog post which I managed to find that contains a credit to my blog post:

Other than my blog, the plagiariser seriously has the guts to copy from Paultan too! I'm really curious whether Paultan had found a way to contact this plagiariser or not because Paultan once e-mailed (I'm one of the contributers for Carlist's blog) regarding a photo I used in one of my articles, informing that the photo belongs to Paultan. In the end, we removed the photo.

The same case happened for another blogger (not sure he discovered about this or not) below:

 Currently there are only two blogs which has the permission to publish my articles, and, as I'm one of the contributors for these two blogs. Other websites should credit my blog by putting at least 1 link in the blog post.

There is no e-mail or other methods to get in touch with the plagiariser, and I believe he will ignore the comments that we leave in his blog post too. What is the purpose of plagiarising other people's articles? For Adsense and Nuffnang ads? Plagiariser, if you see this, you have some explanation to do... (and you should thank me for giving you free publicity)

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5 Gossips:

Kian Fai Koh said...

this aint cool yo . . . sucks to be that person too (who love copy and paste other people hard work)

Ken Wooi said...

Well, this happens when it's a niche and certain people wanna tap into its traffic.

It happens with anything too, such as latest news and people re-blogging news from news portal. It's too common - many lack the originality these days.

Tony Teh said...

This is scary. The only person I know who did it on me was a blogger we all know. What if there's more out there that I don't know. This really sucks. =/ Chocoholic & Candylicious at Genting Highlands

Nath said...

I got a blog for copy paste from e-mail and facebook. Yeah, kinna annoyed when you read the same thing everywhere. I got it too :(

Xue Ren said...

this is so so so bad! :(