May 20, 2012

Sub-RM90k MPV in Malaysia

 Malaysian are spoilt by the myriad choices available in the market for MPV. The demand for a MPV is increasing thanks to the ever-growing population, and some drivers are under dilemma on which MPV suits the best for their families. So right here, I'll do some analysis on some sub-RM90k MPV which is available in Malaysia, what's right and what's not.

Proton Exora Bold: 
 Proton Exora is a car with plenty amount of space in its cabin, where the space is comparable to larger MPV such as Toyota Innova. Recently, Exora just got facelifted (named Exora Bold) and gained a new 1.6litre CFE engine which comes with a mild turbocharger. Thus, the previous underpower problem of pre-facelift Exora has been resolved.  

The Exora is surprisingly a nice handling MPV (same goes for Exora Bold), considering its height of 1691mm. The Exora's suspension setup is one of the best that can be found in MPV of its price range, where it has the nice balance between comfort and handling. Only one letdown though, the build quality of the Exora is still not as good as its competitors.

The entry level variant of Exora is priced at RM 59,562.00 while the most expensive Exora Bold Premium is selling at RM 80,012.00. To me the entry level variant is quite a bargain if you can live with a manual gearbox and make do with the reduction of creature comfort and safety.

+ Space, handling, 3-row air-conditioning.
- Quality.

Toyota Avanza:
 Oh no, what did the designer had done to the 2012 Toyota Avanza? While the front end looks great with more curves and sharper lines, the rear end however is not executed well with those curves. Some of the surface curvatures give an illusion of the surface has been deformed in a crash, not good...

Good news is the Avanza is a Toyota and it sits on the same platform as its predecessor, which means a lot of stuff in Avanza are mechanically proven and cheap to maintain as well. The Avanza also has more usable space compared to Nissan Grand Livina and Perodua Alza which we will discuss about later. 7 adults can travel in the Avanza with reasonable comfort and has good practicality for carrying goods.

Pricing for the 2012 Avanza starts from the cheapest 1.3 Manual at RM63,864 to RM79,603.50 for the top-of-the-line 1.5S variant. The 2012 Avanza certainly has a bump in its price compared to its predecessor, this will make some buyers to look somewhere else. But still, it's a Toyota, where it's a brand which most of the people love and trust.

+ Brand, practicality.
- Price, design.

Nissan Grand Livina:
The Nissan Grand Livina is one smooth operator. The engine and gearchange are smooth and refined, while the suspension soaks up bumps nicely without transmitting much jolts into the cabin. As a Nissan, the seats are generously padded and every part of the cabin feels solid and well built. The Grand Livina is also said to handle like a sedan, thanks to its low centre of gravity.

However, Grand Livina doesn't have a good packaging when it comes to interior space. Only children can fit into the 3rd row when the 2nd row is occupied with adults. The small air-cond outlet at the 2nd row doesn't cool the 2nd row passengers effectively, especially on hot weather too.

Grand Livina comes with 2 engine choices, a 1.6litre and a 1.8litre engine. However, the 1.8litre variant is priced well past the RM90k mark. The good news is the 1.6litre and 1.8litre Grand Livina doesn't differ much in terms of features available. RM89,813.50 is the OTR price for the Nissan Grand Livina 1.6L (A) Comfort.

+ Comfort, handling.
- Price, space, air-cond.

Perodua Alza:
 Perodua Alza is the biggest model in the manufacturer's product line-up, but is the smallest in this comparison. By using small at the outside and big in the inside concept, the designers managed to fit in 3 rows of seat into the compact body of the Alza. As a result, an easy-to-drive-in-town car with 7-seater capacity, but in reality only children can fit in the 3rd row, like in the Nissan Grand Livina.

Perodua introduced the Alza SR variant which is sold at a cheaper price compared to the normal variant, but gone are some basic features which I think many of us can survive without them. The Alza SR will be the perfect candidate for small family with budget conscious. Ranging from RM53,013.50 for the entry level variant Alza SR to RM64,203.50 for the top variant, Alza ZH.

+ Easy to drive, price.
- Space, no rear air-conditioning.

So which MPV suits you the best? You decide! :)

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4 Gossips:

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

yea, the rear of the new Avanza seems like being crashed lo . haha

Anonymous said...

The best for me based on above:
Local car : Exora Bold
Conti car : Nissan Grand Livina

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