June 21, 2012

Experience the Samsung Galaxy SIII with Celcom !

 Samsung Galaxy SIII is an amazing piece of technology, as I've experienced it myself with the SIII which belongs to my dad. Good news, exclusively for Celcom customers, you can own one from as low as RM1,398 (RRP RM2,199) with the best network provider!

With Celcom Exec, you can own a SIII from as low as RM1,398:

 The Samsung Galaxy SIII is the ultimate smartphone which knows what you need even before you do! It comes with a myriad of shortcuts and functions to provide a more user friendly experience. The Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich together with quad-core processor give you superb power and performance.

Another fascinating aspect of the SIII is the camera. With 8-megapixels, it can capture your moments vividly. Not to mention the burst mode that can take 8 photos at once and choose the best photo for you, and also a smile mode where the camera will automatically snap photo when the person smiles! See all the photos with the Super AMOLED 4.8" HD display is no doubt a breathtaking experience!

Best of all, you can get this from Malaysia's best network provider, Celcom. It has the widest network coverage and best network quality and most important of all, stable connection!

Wait no more and sign up at your nearest Celcom Branch or Blue Box now! Check out more information about Celcom packages here too!

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